Ary Perez

From his formation as an engineer at the Politechnical School, where he also teached, Ary brings the severity of mathematics and calculus. A three year stay in England developing his architectural knowledge at Architectural Association led him to a very natural way into design.

Oscar Niemeyer, Ren Koohaas, Ingo Mauer, Anish Kapoor, Buckminster Fuller, Frei Otto were some of his lifetime coworkes; however, Ary Perez could create a language of his own, based in beauty, comfort and quality, with a Brazilian accent.

He also worked with urban sculptures and interventions, such as America's Courtyard (Chicago, 1998), Sectiones Mundi, at Ibirapuera Park; Arte Cidade coordination, which put him in touch with various artistics intervention all over Sao Paulo, resulting in a huge cultural historic mark for the city.